Thermal Methods

Enhanced oil recovery continues to advance and innovate to meet future oil and gas demands, but engineers often search through multiple sources to obtain the latest research, technology, and applications. Enhanced Oil Recovery Series delivers a multi-volume approach that addresses the latest research on various types of EOR. The second volume in the series, Thermal Methods, helps engineers focus on the latest developments in one fast-growing area. Different techniques are described in addition to the latest technology such as data mining and hybrid processes. Supported field case studies are included to show a bridge between research and practical application, making it useful for both academics and practicing engineers. Structured to start with an introduction thermal concepts and steam flooding, the editors then advance on to more complex content, guiding the engineer into newer topics involving hybrid thermal methods and edgier technology bridging with solar and nuclear energy. Supported by a full spectrum of contributors, Enhanced Oil Recovery Series: Thermal Methods gives petroleum engineers and researchers the latest research developments and field applications to drive innovation for the future of energy. Understand the latest research and practical applications specific to thermal enhanced oil recovery methods Obtain analysis through editors' research on available technology, including hybrid thermal-solvent processes and dual pipe configurations Learn about additional methods such as data mining applications, economic and environmental considerations INDICE: 1. Introduction to thermal concepts enhanced oil recovery2. Steam flooding (Steam drive)3. Cyclic steam stimulation (huff and puff)4. Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)5. In situ combustion6. Hybrid thermal-solvent process7. Hybrid thermal-NCG process8. Hybrid- thermal chemical process9. Other thermal methods10. EOR processes in the post steam injection era11. Formation damage in thermal enhanced oil recovery processes12. Application of data mining in thermal enhanced oil recovery methods

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