Nanoporous Materials for Gas Storage

Nanoporous Materials for Gas Storage

Kaneko, Katsumi
Rodríguez-Reinoso, Francisco

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This book shows the promising future and essential issues on the storage of the supercritical gases, including hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide, by adsorption with controlling the gas-solid interaction by use of designed nanoporous materials. It explains the reason why the storage of these gases with adsorption is difficult from the fundamentals in terms of gas-solid interaction. Also, the example of industrial application of natural gas storage with adsorption is described. It consists of 16 chapters which describe fundamentals, application, key nanoporous materials (nanoporous carbon, metal organic frame works, zeolites) and their storage performance for hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide.

Thus, this book appeals to a wide readership of the academic and industrial researchers and it can also be used in the classroom for graduate students focusing on clean energy technology, green chemistry, energy conversion and storage, chemical engineering, nanomaterials science and technology, surface and interface science, adsorption science and technology, carbon science and technology, metal organic framework science, zeolite science, nanoporous materials science, nanotechnology, environmental protection, and gas sensors.

  • ISBN: 978-981-13-3503-7
  • Editorial: Springer
  • Encuadernacion: Cartoné
  • Fecha Publicación: 05/04/2019
  • Nº Volúmenes: 1
  • Idioma: Inglés