Remote Sensing in Precision Agriculture

Remote Sensing in Precision Agriculture compiles the latest applications of remote sensing in agriculture using spaceborne, airborne and drones' geospatial data. The book presents case studies, new algorithms and the latest methods surrounding crop sown area estimation, determining crop health status, assessment of vegetation dynamics, crop diseases identification, crop yield estimation, soil properties, drone image analysis for crop damage assessment, and other issues in precision agriculture. This book is ideal for those seeking to explore and implement remote sensing in an effective and efficient manner with its compendium of scientifically and technologically sound information. Presents a well-integrated collection of chapters, with quality, consistency and continuity Provides the latest RS techniques in Precision Agriculture that are addressed by leading experts Includes detailed, yet geographically global case studies that can be easily understood, reproduced or implemented Covers geospatial data, with codes available through shared links INDICE: Section 1. Introduction and Principles of Precision Agriculture Section 2. PA Practices for soil management Section 3. PA practices for irrigation water management Section 4. PA practices for crop management Section 5. Advanced modelling practices in PA Section 6. Future Aspects and Challenges in RS for PA

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