Atlas of Neutron Resonances: Resonance  Properties  and Thermal  Cross  Sections  Z= 1-60

Atlas of Neutron Resonances: Resonance Properties and Thermal Cross Sections Z= 1-60

Mughabghab, Said F.

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The Atlas of Neutron Resonances, Volume 1, contains an extensive list of detailed individual neutron resonance parameters for Z=1-60, as well as thermal cross sections, capture resonance integrals, average resonance parameters, as well as a short survey of the physics of thermal and resonance neutrons. The long introduction contains: Nuclear physics formulas aimed at neutron physicists;Topics of special interest such as valence neutron capture, nuclear level density parameters, and s-, p-, and d-wave neutron strength functions;Various comparisons of measured quantities with the predictions of nuclear models, such as the optical model. As in the last edition, additional features have been added to appeal to a wider spectrum of users. These include (1) spin-dependent scattering lengths that are of interest to solid -state physicists, nuclear physicists, and neutron evaluators, (2) calculated and measured Maxwellian average 5-keV and 30-keV capture cross sections of importance to astrophysicists involved in nucleosynthesis modeling, (3) s- p- and d- wave average radiative widths, and (4) nuclear level density parameters. Provides a comparison of average resonance parameters with optical model calculations and with the generalized Landau-Fermi modelPresents scattering radii for various partial waves from the analysis of total neutron cross sections in keV to MeV energy regionIncludes a brief review of sub-threshold fissionConsistent treatment of average neutron parameters with values from the resolved resonance region INDICE: 1. Thermal Cross Sections 2. Resonance Properties 3. Individual Resonance Parameters 4. Notation and Nomenclature 5. Bibliography 6. Recommended thermal cross sections, resonance parameters, and resonance parameters for Z = 1-60

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